Having your own unique neon sign has never been so easy! This Melting Dripping Heart Neon Sign will give any wall space a lovely feel! A great gift for Valentine’s day, Birthday, Mitzvah, Anniversary, or love gift for your family.

Our exclusive collection of LED neon lights are designed and crafted in a durable and environmentally friendly silicon tubes with LED lights inside that, unlike traditional glass neon, is safe for the home.


⚡️ Environmentally conscious material – LED side Flexible Silicon(not glass)
⚡️ Safe to touch – kid friendly, non-frangible
⚡️ High quality of light and energy efficiency
⚡️ Lightweight and easily portable
⚡️ Easy installation – come with clear acrylic backing with hanging holes
Can be used as a lamp light, wall art light and also a great personalized gift.


⚡️ LED Neon Sign
⚡️ 12V Power Adapter


Chain Hanging, Nail Fastening, Leaning or Lying on ground.