About the Art: Inspired by Simon Whaley’s (Alamy) Photography, this piece is a drawing using fine liners of The Turf in Wrexham, Wales. Built in the 1840s, “The Turf” is known to be a social establishment which many Wrexham fans enjoy visiting before the game. Alongside The Turf, the drawing includes the Mold Road stand, a popular stand amongst Wrexham fans which opened in 1999.

About the Artist: Stephanie Cleaver is a 19 year old artist studying at the University of Chester. She has always had a passion for art growing up, choosing Fine Art as one of her majors during College. Her craft is in making fine liner artwork, focusing majorly on architecture because of her love for historical buildings. This piece it is close to her heart, as she is a big Wrexham fan thanks to her boyfriend.