Shine Your Signs are packaged with great care and love by our team. However, during transit we cannot control how nice the delivery drivers handle the boxes. All of your Globes have been securely glued on in our facility to the Yard Cards, but there is a chance they have come off during transit. Not to worry, all you need to do is glue the Globes back in to place using a fast acting, bonding super glue gel or liquid. 

⭐️ This can be purchased from your local hobby store or Amazon.
⭐️ If Globes have come off of your Yard Cards, check around the box or packaging for the loose Globes.
⭐️ Included in your order are extra Globes in the event you lose some during installs.
⭐️ We recommend keeping the glue with you during installation should Globes come off.
⭐️ Additional Globes can be purchased at
⭐️ Below is a how-to video of re-gluing your Globes.