Tips & Tricks (Staking & Installing)


We wanted to share some Tips & Tricks with you for Staking & Installing!

First, always wear closed shoes when installing. These stakes are sharp, so we recommend comfortable shoes/sneakers. Secondly, a rope is extremely helpful to keep your sign straight. You can tie either end to a screwdriver, stick those in the ground, and then use that as a guide. Next, lay out your top row letters flat on the ground first. Once those are in, step back about 10-15 feet (or across the street) and check to make sure all letters are even across the top. If you need to adjust, you can push the letters further down on the stakes or pull them up a bit after they’re in the ground. Also, if you have a second/front row, lay those letters out flat on the ground so you can center the word in the middle of the top row. Leave about 2-3 feet between each row. Once your front row is staked, step back and make sure the front is low enough so that it is not blocking the letters behind it. Lastly, when you are finished setting up, walk across the street and evaluate. Sometimes it helps to take a photo and then see where things may need adjustments.


Good luck and have fun!!! 


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