Having your own unique neon sign has never been so easy! This Melting Dripping Lips Neon Sign will give any wall space a lovely feel! A great gift for Valentine’s day, Birthday, Mitzvah, Anniversary, or love gift for your family.

Our exclusive collection of LED neon lights are designed and crafted in a durable and environmentally friendly silicon tubes with LED lights inside that, unlike traditional glass neon, is safe for the home.


⚡️ Environmentally conscious material – LED side Flexible Silicon(not glass)
⚡️ Safe to touch – kid friendly, non-frangible
⚡️ High quality of light and energy efficiency
⚡️ Lightweight and easily portable
⚡️ Easy installation – come with clear acrylic backing with hanging holes
Can be used as a lamp light, wall art light and also a great personalized gift.


⚡️ LED Neon Sign
⚡️ 12V Power Adapter


Chain Hanging, Nail Fastening, Leaning or Lying on ground.

If you have any questions, call us and our design specialists will be happy to assist you. Want something customized more than what you see in our options, no worries, just send us an email to or call 678-567-7403